MNRE to grant five-month extension for renewable energy projects hit by COVID-19: Industry

The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) is set to extend the scheduled commissioning date for renewable energy projects by five months from 25 March to 24 August 2020 to overcome the COVID-19 disruption, according to National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In April, MNRE had granted a 30-day extension beyond the lockdown period for RE projects and said that this would be a blanket extension where there would be no requirement of case-to-case examination. The solar body, NSEFI, had asked the ministry to further extend the period by six months.

“Regarding the blanket extension for renewable energy projects because of COVID-19, we had asked the ministry to extend the scheduled commissioning day by six months. Renewable energy minister has agreed to give a five-month extension in-line with the extension given for transmission projects,” NSEFI’s CEO Subrahmanyam Pulipaka told ETEnergyWorld. He also added that notification regarding this is expected this week.

After the earlier announcement of a 30-day blanket extension, renewable energy executives had said that the extension should have been up to 90-180 days, as it was difficult for them to meet the labour mobilisation and logistical challenges.

Email sent to the ministry remained answered. In July, the ministry had defined the period from 25 March to 31 May as the official dates for the lockdown. The ministry said on April 17 that it would regard the lockdown as a force majeure.

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