Mumbai: India’s First Electric Loco Shed Marks 92 Years

India’s first electric loco shed completed 92 years on Saturday with Central Railway marking the day with events at the shed. “28th November 2020 is celebrated as the 92nd foundation day of Electric Loco Shed (ELS), Kalyan. The premier Shed of Indian Railways has the proud distinction of being the First Electric Loco Shed under the then Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR). It was established on 28.11.1928,” Central Railway chief public relations officer Shivaji Sutar said.

Kaushik Sanjiv Dharwadkar, an electrical engineer and railway enthusiast from Pune, said, “A question might arise as to what is unique concerning this shed such that its day of establishment is being discussed? So, I have actually compiled five facts concerning Electric Loco Shed Kalyan.

A few points

The first Electric Locoshed in entire British India. Second in entire Asia, with only the Japanese Railways constructing their Electric Locosheds before November 1928. India’s second Electric Locoshed started functioning in February-March of the year 1960 at Asansol, West Bengal i.e. after a time span of 32 years.

Was home to Electric Locomotives which were capable of attaining 135 Kilometres per Hour speed, these were the fastest Locomotives in entire British India.

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