National power grid terms 9 PM light-off event unprecedented, estimates 12.9 GW dip in demand

Reduction in power demand as a result of switching off lights at 9 pm for 9 minutes on Sunday will suddenly reduce power demand by 12,879 MW at a go, Power System Operation Corporation Ltd (POSOCO), the national power grid operator, has estimated in an advisory sent to regional grid control units.

In the advisory POSOCO said that unlike normal operation, this reduction in load of the order of 12-13 GW would happen in 2-4 minutes and recover nine minutes later within 2-4 minutes.

POSOCO has termed this event ‘unprecedented’ and said it will have to be handled through reduction in generation of hydro and gas resources. According to the advisory, north will witness a 3,436 MW reduction demand, west will witness 3,686 MW reduction demand, south will see a 2,660 MW reduction demand. Eastern region is expected to see a 2,511 mw fall, while north east will witness a 567 mw reduction in demand load.

Highest dip in demand is expected to be witnessed by Uttar Pradesh followed by Maharashra, estimated at 1865 MW and 1744 MW respectively.

To start with POSOCO has asked all generating stations to synchronize their clocks to the Indian standard time. During evening peak hours — from 6.10 pm to 8 pm, hydro generation will be reduced and conserved for providing flexibility during the 9 pm event.

During this time thermal and gas generation shall be scheduled in a manner so as to manage the peak. Subsequently after the peak hours

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