Need to tackle all sources of pollution at regional level to improve Delhi situation: Experts

Environment experts feel there is a need to tackle all sources of pollution at the regional level to improve the situation in Delhi, which has topped the list of world’s most polluted capital cities for the third year on the trot. However, the national capital should not overemphasize what other states should be doing and do its best to control locally-generated pollution, they said.

In 2020, New Delhi’s average annual concentration of PM2.5 was 84.1 microgram per cubic meter, more than double the level of Beijing which averaged 37.5 g/m3 during the year, according to a report by a Swiss group that measures air quality levels based on the concentration of the lung-damaging fine particles.

The industrial sector accounts for more than 20 percent of the PM2.5 concentration in Delhi. Therefore, it is important that all industries in the entire National Capital Region (NCR) switch to gaseous fuels, Sumit Sharma, Director (Earth Science and Climate Change), TERI, said.

In the transport sector, there is a need to improve the public transport system, reduce private vehicle usage and modernise the fleet, he said.

“Another issue is the dependence on biomass fuels outside Delhi. To eliminate it, there is a need to provide subsidised LPG to the poorest of the poor,” Sharma said.

Dipankar Saha, former air lab chief of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), said dust pollution is a major problem in the entire north India.

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