New Energy Nexus partners with Climate Collective to build clean energy startup ecosystem in South Asia

India’s foray into clean energy has been remarkable however the system-wide clean energy transition is a work in progress. Critical to accelerating the pace of this energy transition is the increased share of decentralized clean energy, which is currently at 1 per cent of total installed electricity capacity.

With an eye to helping clean energy startups to accelerate the pace, New Energy Nexus, a California-based non-profit international organization geared to a 100 percent clean energy economy, and Climate Collective, non-profit focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the environmental segment, have come together to form New Energy Nexus India. Their aim to build the largest clean energy startup ecosystem in South Asia.

This partnership expects to leverage on the global network and experience of New Energy Nexus and the Climate Collective’s successful initiatives in the region to provide start ups the boost and support that is critical for a successful and just transition to a clean energy economy.

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