NHM plan may bat for green hydrogen exports

Leveraging India’s landmass and green energy sources for exporting green hydrogen is one of the steps for achieving energy sufficiency for the country, according to a draft proposal circulated by the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE), for the planned National Hydrogen Energy Mission said two people aware of the development.

The draft proposal, which recommends green hydrogen exports to Japan, South Korea, and Europe, also suggests setting up four integrated hydrogen hubs and running long-range public transport buses fuelled by hydrogen cells on heritage routes, remote locations, and ecologically sensitive zones. These are part of the recommendations for the proposed National Hydrogen Energy Mission (NHM).

Once the views of various stakeholders are received, MNRE will seek the Union cabinet’s approval for the NHM. The playbook involves leveraging the country’s landmass and low solar and wind tariffs to produce low-cost green hydrogen and ammonia for exports, thus bolstering the country’s geopolitical heft. The export strategy for carbon emission-free next-generation fuel has already been put into play by West Asian countries, Canada, Chile, and Australia.

The other proposed measures include facilitating open access to renewable energy, and to help low-cost production at hydrogen hubs. Open access allows large users of power, typically those who consume more than 1 MW, to buy power from the open market instead of depending on an expensive grid. However, this has not taken off yet as state governments have increased standard charges on open access renewable energy projects.

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