Niti Aayog warns mines ministry against cancellation of pending claims

Niti Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar has said that any policy change without deciding on pending mining applications will have an adverse impact on investors’ confidence.

As part of major reforms announced recently, the Centre is reported to be considering deletion of a provision in the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 2015 that guarantees a successful explorer the right to move ahead –from a reconnaissance permit to a prospecting licence, or from a prospecting licence to a mining lease.

As ET had earlier reported, the mines ministry believes such a move could free up nearly 500 mineral areas that could then be auctioned.

While ushering in a regime of auctions for mining grants, the 2015 amendment to the Act had rendered every other application null and void. According to Kumar of government think tank Niti Aayog (National Institute for Transforming India), there was a reason why some were spared.

In a recent letter to mines minister Prahlad Joshi, Kumar wrote, “Any move to delete the provisions of 10(A)2(b) without deciding these pending cases will defeat the very purpose for which these provisions were brought in when the amendment to the MMDR was introduced in 2015.

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  1. Sir (PM of India),
    As required by the departments we have submitted all the necessary documents etc like PL report, the required fees etc etc and are waiting for the Secretary Mines to Grant ML. But unfortunately they haven’t touched a single file since 5 years and prior to that there was a policy crisis and so they haven’t been looking at these files. My question is 1) how can we do mining without grant of ML.? 2) Did any PL or RP holder have ever said or given in writing that they have not done exploration work? It’s only after Prospecting that the files are saved under MMDR act 10 A 2 (b). So to misguide it is being said that the lease holder are not investing. Sir where to invest when the ML itself is still not granted. Mining cannot commence without ML. It’s so basic. And that grant of ML lies in the hand of the Govt. precisely with the steel and mines dept. Why hasn’t ML been granted? Please ask your secretaries. A file can sit in a Govt office for infinite period and this doesn’t have a sunset clause so you can imagine the fate of such files. It’s wrong on the part of FM to say that these leases are sitting idle and free up for auction. These lease were never granted ML so it was not idle. Had it been granted ML then mining would have commenced. Sir our parents discovered the area, applied for PL, Granted PL, did prospecting, submitted Pl report and surveyed, applied for ML and then completed all formalities Surveyed again, etc etc and though the above seems to be few words their life was spent on that. It’s very very difficult to move a file if you are honest and years passes by without just anything. Anyway now that MMDR act 10 A 2 (b) is being proposed by the Ministry of mines to be repealed the hope for grant of ML seems to fade. It’s like the story “Jamun ka Ped”of Class X icse board that has been removed from the syllabus from this year 2020. It’s seems like robbing Paul to pay Peter. Problem is Peter didn’t do anything and have come to reap the benefits. Didn’t discover the area nor invested time or money in prospecting. Sir we will also give the Govt money what Peter will pay.. Give us the benefit for our effort and investment. There are so many other virgin areas that the Govt can give to Peter… many are not yet discovered or known to Govt which can be surveyed and handed over to Peter through auction. Let Justice prevail….

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