No pantry car in long distance trains! Here’s how Indian Railways plans to boost revenue

The Indian Railways is reportedly considering removing pantry cars from 300 trains and replace them with AC-3 tire coaches once train services normalise post-Covid-19. It is worth noting that the railways had earlier decided to stop providing blankets to passengers in air-conditioned (AC) coaches of long-distance trains and remove all curtains to check the spread of coronavirus.

The railway believes that travellers can be provided with packaged food prepared in the base kitchen. Currently, around 350 pairs of trains, including mail/express, superfast and premier services, have pantry cars, which prepare hot food for passengers. Plus, e-catering will stay for the supply of food. Further, the railways is of the view that by interchanging pantry cars with AC-3 tire, it can earn additional Rs 1,400 crore revenue.

The railways, which runs only special trains, is not operating kitchens and also not supplying blankets and bed-sheets to ensure personal safety and hygiene.

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