No sleeper coaches in trains? Read to know Indian Railways’ clarification

In an important update, the Indian Railways has now said that sleeper class bogies in mail and express trains will not be replaced by AC coaches. It has dismissed reports which stated that the new semi-high speed trains are planning to remove current sleepers and general coaches in the express trains.

In a virtual press conference, Railway Board Chairman and CEO VK Yadav said, ‘We will definitely keep sleeper class coaches…Railways is not shutting it down.’

According to VK Yadav, Railways is working on a plan to increase the speed of trains in its current network, adding that the work of upgrading the track to achieve 160 km/hr speed has started.

He further stated that because of this fast speed, passengers in the sleeper class coaches will face problems, and therefore it has decided to make new AC-3 tier coaches, which will be launched by next year.

“Our aim is to make travel by AC trains much cheaper and its fare will be between S-3 and sleeper class range,” Yadav added.

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