Norwegian Diplomat Highlights India’s ‘global First’ As It Leads Way In ‘solar Revolution’

By Republic World

Norwegian diplomat and former politician Erik Solheim has shared a post from his Twitter handle that said India is the first and only country to have a fully solar-powered airport and railway station in the country. This may be a small but significant achievement for India to lead the world to increasingly adopt solar power in the future.

Solheim’s tweet was in the context of the Guwahati railway station of Assam and the Cochin International Airport which run on solar power and have led India to achieve a significant feat.

The Guwahati railway station in the capital city of Assam is the first railway station in the country to be fully solar-powered. According to reports, the station handles nearly 20,000 passengers on an average every day.

Commissioned in April 2017, the solar power plant at Guwahati railway station was solar-powered to not only reduce the carbon footprint significantly but also result in electricity cost savings.

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