NPCI Bharat BillPay on-boards Tata Power for electricity bill payments

NPCI Bharat BillPay has on-boarded Tata Power on its platform through which customers will be able to pay their electricity bills in a hasslefree and seamless manner.

This will enable over seven lakh customers of Tata Power (Mumbai) to pay their electricity bills through ClickPay payment link.

NPCI Bharat BillPay, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Payments Corporation of India, has announced integration with Tata Power, making it the first power company to go live on the newly launched platform, said a release on Tuesday.

Bharat BillPay’s marquee offering – ClickPay will enable Tata Power customers to make monthly electricity bill payments with ease.

Tata Power will generate the ClickPay link and share it with customers which will redirect them to the payment page comprising payment details.

This convenient and a secured two-step process will help customers pay the bills without the hassle of putting in the bill amount, remembering bill payment dates, and going through arduous steps to make a bill payment, the release said.

“Tata Power (Mumbai) is the first electricity biller to go live on NBBL ClickPay. NPCI has always been very thoughtful on the innovation front and comes up with new customer-friendly payment options,” Ramesh Subramanyam, Chief Finance Officer, Tata Power said.

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