NTPC leverages its solar power skills to secure Africa foothold

India is leveraging its solar power expertise as it ventures into African nations under the aegis of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), two people aware of the matter said.

As part of this strategy, state-run power generator NTPC Ltd plans to help Gambia and Malawi develop solar power parks and is eyeing project management consultancy contracts in Sudan, Mozambique, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda and Niger. India’s largest power generation utility recently got such contracts in Mali and Togo.

India is showcasing its record low tariffs and project execution skills to secure these projects even as China aims to co-opt countries into its ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.

“NTPC has identified 10 ISA member countries as leaders who may be willing to put up solar parks in the near future and would like to avail the services of NTPC in assisting them as a turnkey consultant.

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