Numaligarh Refinery sees sales drop of 7 per cent in diesel, 13 per cent in petrol in May

In the month of May this year Assam based Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) witnessed sales drop of 7 percent in diesel and 13 percent in petrol in comparison to corresponding period last year.

“Compared to last year our sales drop during May 2020, was only to the extent of 7 percent in Diesel & 13 percent in Petrol primarily because of lower impact of Covid 19 in our geographical market. We could also start our construction activities in all our project sites as we did not have much migrant labours. Today around 1000 workers from the neighbourhood are working at our project sites in different locations,” said Managing Director, NRL S. K. Barua.

He said that the Refinery had enhanced LPG yield and bottling during the lockdown to ensure that people are not inconvenienced due to shortage of cooking gas. NRL’s LPG Bottling Plant is operating in two shifts and is also bottling imported LPG brought in by BPCL through Haldia by road for sales in northeast.

NRL stated that operations in Refinery have come back to the normal level since last 2 weeks with the primary process units running at 90 percent to 95 percent throughout.

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