Offshore wind energy should be India’s topmost priority: Henriette Faergemann, EU Counsellor to India

Henriette Faergemann is Environment, Climate and Energy Counsellor in the European Union (EU) Delegation to India based in New Delhi. She is working for cooperation between the EU and India in the area of climate change, urbanisation and smart cities. Talking to ETEnergyworld in an exclusive interview, she talks about the India-EU Clean Energy & Climate Partnership, including initiatives to support offshore wind, energy efficiency, smart grids and the solar park programme in India.

Recently we saw the COP 25 summit ending with mixed responses from the world community, with people wondering whether it was successful in terms of achieving some kind of roadmap on climate change or not. What do you think of it?

I think we have made progress and achieved consensus across the globe following the Paris Agreement. Surely, we do have differences on how it should be exactly implemented but each time when we meet there is an intent and progress. We also know the progress is too slow and the real action on the ground needs to be fasten up if we really want to make it up in time. So, we need to do what we do, but more of it.

What are some of the programmes on which India and European Union are currently working on? Can you share some details about the India-EU Clean Energy & Climate Partnership, including the initiatives to support renewable energy such as offshore wind and the solar parks programme.

We have a partnership agreed between India and EU which is known as “European Union – India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership” signed between the head of the states from both sides in 2016. The European Investment Bank (EIB), which is our climate bank has been investing upto 3.4 billion euros in climate related activities in India.

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