OPINION: Powering solar power – a prescription for India

The solar power sector in India has received substantial attention from stakeholders from around the world along with an excellent growth pace in terms of capacity addition and fall in tariff. What is also encouraging is that this sector is still getting substantial attention with focus not being concentrated only on generation of solar power or reducing tariff but also on development of all round capabilities in the solar power supply chain within India.

The Indian Government is now looking at domestically and internationally to utilise the full potential of solar energy. The imposition of safeguard duty on import of solar cells / modules in 2018 and now the proposed imposition of basic customs duty on import of solar equipment are with an intent of developing local capabilities, i.e. making an “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. In contrast to this localisation, the Indian Government is deliberating with the idea of One Sun One World One Grid (OSOWOG) which has quite an ambitious objective and focuses on flow of green energy across nations through one grid. If the Government is to develop this concept seriously, then it will require require reforms in the regulatory framework governing the electricity sector.

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