Panel submits interim report on Sohna road collapse: Material quality in focus

The quality of materials used and the formation of a cavity could have contributed to the collapse of an elevated section of the under construction Sohna road on August 22, according to an interim report on the incident submitted to the national highways authority of India (NHAI).

The report, prepared by a four-member high-level technical committee formed by the NHAI after the incident was submitted on Tuesday evening.

NHAI officials who reviewed the contents of the report said it attributed the failure of the structure to quality of concrete used in the section, inadequacy of epoxy bonding used to bind the concrete, the possible displacement of stressing cables used to support the elevated structure and the possible formation of a cavity in the span that was not visible from the outside.

Another NHAI official, privy to the report but not authorised to speak to the media, said it recommended that the concrete spans on the elevated structure and those cast at the construction yard should undergo non-destructive strength test to check for quality.

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