Petrol Diesel Price: Stability for the 15th consecutive day, know the price of your city

New Delhi
There has been uncertainty over the rise in new cases of infection with Corona Virus and new relief packages in the US. This has weakened Crude Outlook. Which has led to a fall in oil prices. The US Energy Information Administration (AEI) report reported last week that the U.S. The level of crude inventories (US Crude Inventory) was reduced by 3.8 million barrels. However, in the domestic market, it does not have any effect on the petro goods price at the moment. Government oil companies today, for the 14th consecutive day, made no changes in the prices of diesel and petrol price. Petrol remained at Rs 81.06 in Delhi and diesel at Rs 70.46 per liter on Saturday.

Petrol became cheaper by Rs 1.19 in September
Since the beginning of the second fortnight of last August, the fire started in the petrol price, which was continued till September 1. Talking about Delhi, petrol was expensive by 1.65 paise per liter in the last 13 installments. However, since September 10, there was a stagnation of shortfall and it has decreased by Rs 1.19 last month.

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Diesel was cheaper by Rs 3.10 in a month
Looking at the period of the last one month, the government oil companies had cut the price of diesel significantly. From August 3 onwards, its price was either cut or it remained stable. This sequence continued till October 2. From that, diesel has become cheaper by Rs 3.10 per liter in a month.

Let’s know what is the price of petrol and diesel in your city today

name of the city Petrol Rs / liter Diesel Rs / L
Delhi 81.06 70.46
Mumbai 87.74 76.86
Chennai 84.14 75.95
Kolkata 82.59 73.99
Noida 81.58 71.00
Ranchi 80.73 74.58
Bengaluru 83.69 74.63
Patna 83.73 76.10
Chandigarh 77.99 70.17
Lucknow 81.48 70.91

Source (IOC SMS)

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