Petrol, Diesel Prices Remain Steady On Thursday

The domestic prices of petrol and diesel were left unchanged across the metros for the second consecutive day, on Thursday. In Delhi, the rate of petrol was steady at ₹ 81.06 per litre and diesel was untouched at ₹ 71.28 per litre with effect from 6 am on September 24, according to notifications from Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the country’s largest fuel retailer. In Mumbai, there was no change in the petrol and diesel prices at ₹ 87.74 and ₹ 77.73 respectively.

Here are the prices of petrol and diesel (in rupees per litre) in the four metros on September 24:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi 81.06 71.28
Kolkata 82.59 74.80
Mumbai 87.74 77.73
Chennai 84.14 76.72
Source: Indian Oil
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