Petrol, diesel prices unchanged; here are the prices in your city today

Petrol prices are left unchanged in major cities on Friday for sixth straight day, according to data from the Good Returns. In Delhi, petrol is at Rs 101.84 per litre. In Mumbai, petrol price is retailing at Rs 107.83 per litre. Diesel prices remained unchanged in the national capital at Rs 89.87 litre.
Currently, fuel rates are the highest in Bhopal at Rs 110.20 per litre. Fuel rates vary across the states in India due to value-added tax.

Here’s the current revised rate of fuel in different cities.

Petrol price in Mumbai: Rs 107.83 per litre

Petrol price in Delhi: Rs 101.84 per litre

Petrol price in Chennai: Rs 102.49 per litre

Here are the fuel prices in your city today

City Petrol Diesel
New Delhi Rs 101.84 Rs 89.87
Kolkata Rs 102.08 Rs 93.02
Mumbai Rs 107.83 Rs 97.45
Chennai Rs 102.49 Rs 94.39
Gurgaon Rs 99.46 Rs 90.47
Noida Rs 99.00 Rs 90.32
Bangalore Rs 105.25 Rs 95.26
Bhubaneswar Rs 102.66 Rs 97.95
Chandigarh Rs 97.93 Rs 89.50
Hyderabad Rs 105.83 Rs 97.96
Jaipur Rs 108.76 Rs 99.06
Lucknow Rs 98.92 Rs 90.26
Patna Rs 104.53 Rs 95.78
Trivandrum Rs 103.55 Rs 96.21
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