Petrol, Diesel Prices Unchanged On Wednesday

Petrol and diesel rates in the country remained unchanged on Wednesday, i.e. October 14. That marked a 12th straight day of status quo in petrol prices and 22nd day in case of diesel. In Delhi, the price of petrol was ₹ 81.06 per litre and diesel was ₹ 70.46 per litre – the same levels as the previous day, according to notifications from Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest fuel retailer. In Mumbai, the price of petrol was ₹ 87.74 per litre and diesel was ₹ 76.86 per litre.

Here are latest prices of petrol and diesel (in rupees per litre) in the four metros on October 14:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi 81.06 70.46
Mumbai 87.74 76.86
Chennai 84.14 75.95
Kolkata 82.59 73.99
Source: Indian Oil
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