Petrol, Diesel Rates Unchanged For Third Straight Day. Find Out How Much You Pay Now

Petrol and diesel prices were kept unchanged at existing rates in metros on Friday. In Delhi, the price of petrol stood at Rs 71.89 per litre and that of diesel at Rs 64.65 per litre on February 21 – the same levels as the previous day, according to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). In Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel remained at Rs 77.56 per litre and Rs 67.75 per litre respectively. Currently, the prices of petrol and diesel are reviewed by oil marketing companies such as state-run Indian Oil on a daily basis, and any revisions are implemented at fuel stations with effect from 6 am. (Also read: How to receive petrol and diesel rates in your city through SMS)

Indian Oil petrol and diesel prices in four metros with effect from 6 am, February 21:

City Price In Rupees Per Litre
Petrol Diesel
Delhi 71.89 64.65
Kolkata 74.53 66.97
Mumbai 77.56 67.75
Chennai 74.68 68.27
(Source: iocl.com)

How Indian Oil Fuel Rates Have Changed In Delhi So Far This Year

Date Petrol Diesel
February 21, 2020 71.89 64.65
February 20, 2020 71.89 64.65
February 19, 2020 71.89 64.65
February 18, 2020 71.89 64.65
February 17, 2020 71.94 64.70
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