Petrol price near Rs 100: People’s anger boils over in Madhya Pradesh

As prices of regular petrol inch towards Rs 100 per litre mark, unease among all sections is palpable. Silence of the government amid spiralling prices of petrol and diesel is only adding to the despair. Petrol was sold for Rs 98.18 per litre on Friday and diesel, for Rs 88.82 per litre.

Students, salaried classes, businessmen, homemakers, industrial workers, farmers, transporters, professionals — everyone is feeling the pinch. “I would usually fill Rs 100 worth petrol in my scooter and it would last be three-four days, but now, petrol worth Rs 100 lasts only one day,” said Prachi Tiwari, a college student.

Rohit, an office assistant at a private firm, said, “I have to go to the bank, clients and do a lot of outside work too. I am spending Rs 100 daily on petrol. My salary is Rs 9,000; I am married and have a child. I don’t know how I will run my family. It’s not petrol alone; I repay the loan that I took for buying a scooter with my salary and you can see, everything has become so costly after the lockdown.”

President of MP Petrol Pump Owners’ Association, Ajay Singh, said, “I still hope that either the state or the Union government will blink soon and reduce tax on petrol and diesel,” he said.

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