Petrol price rises again after hitting century mark in Mumbai

After a day’s pause, fuel prices increased once again on Monday reaching new highs across the country with petrol crossing Rs 100 per litre mark in several cities. Accordingly, the pump prices of petrol and diesel increased by 29 paise and 26 paise per litre to Rs 94.23 and Rs 85.16 per litre respectively in Delhi on Monday.

In the city of Mumbai, where petrol prices crossed Rs 100 mark for the first time ever on Saturday, the fuel price rose again by 28 paise per litre on Monday to reach new high of Rs 100.47 per litre. Diesel price also increased in the city by 28 paise per litre to reach Rs 92.45 a litre, the highest among metros.

Across the country as well, petrol and diesel prices increased on Monday but the quantum varied depending on the level of local taxes in different states.

Mumbai is not the only city to have unique distinction of petrol breaching the Rs 100 pet litre mark. Thane reached the mark few days back while few other cities in Rajasthan (including Jaipur) Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, having the highest VAT levels on auto fuels in the country, have already been selling normal petrol for over Rs 100 a litre for past several days.

Premium petrol prices have already crossed the Rs 100 per litre mark in Mumbai and other parts of the country through increase in the retail rates in the month of January and February.

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