Phase-down vs phase-out at COP: Bhupender Yadav stresses ‘national circumstances’

Arguing that the pace of transition to cleaner energy sources in India must be viewed in light of “national circumstances”, Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav has said that the use of coal in power generation or industrial activities may rise “in absolute terms”, but would decline as a percentage of the overall mix.

Explaining the reasons for India’s intervention to get the term “phase-out” of coal changed to “phase-down” in the final agreement of the Glasgow climate conference, Yadav said India was only speaking on behalf of the developing countries, and pointed out that the amendment was approved by consensus.

“We are ready to go on clean energy but according to our national circumstances,” Yadav said while speaking at an online event organised by The Indian Express and the Financial Times.

“The term phase-out of coal would mean putting a complete stop on coal, while phase-down would mean the proportion of coal in total energy would reduce…

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