Piyush Goyal stresses on manufacturing high quality containers in India

Union railway minister Piyush Goyal on Friday emphasised on the manufacturing on the indigenous high quality containers in India saying that country has excellent steel making capabilities.

Addressing a webinar in New Delhi at the Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR) on ‘Indigenous Manufacturing of Containers’, Goyal said, “We should be aspiring for a much bigger play in container manufacturing. We have absolutely excellent steel making capabilities, we have an MSME sector with good skills and the frame making capabilities are also good.”

The minister stressed that India’s exports are going to increase significantly, as against the imports. “Government has made a conscious decision to support our shipping sector so more and more of the Indian companies start owning Indian flag vessels,” he said.

Goyal said, there is a lot of buzz and excitement in our manufacturing sector, to meet domestic and international requirements. “We are part of the resilient global supply chain, which are looking at alternate supplies,” he said.

“If India starts manufacturing at scale, we will become cost-competitive to sell to all parts of the world. Scale presents huge cost-benefit opportunities,” he said.

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