PM Modi Calls For Boosting India’s Solar Power Initiative, Environment-friendly Technology

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday informed that many countries in the world have joined the International Solar Alliance (ISA) initiative started by India to fight against climate change. PM Modi asserted that India is among those countries where the cost of solar power is very low per unit.

He also stressed on the fact that there are still many challenges to deliver solar power from door to door. PM Modi affirmed that India needs a technology that minimizes damage to the environment, is durable in nature and can be easily used by people.

While addressing the 66th convocation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur via video conferencing, PM Modi said, “At a time when the world is battling the challenges of climate change, India has placed the idea of an International Solar Alliance before the world and embodied it. Today many nations are joining with this initiative started by India. Now it is upon us that we take this initiative further.”

‘India needs durable technology’
While interacting with the students via video conferencing, PM Modi said, “By leaving this campus, you not only have to start your new life, but you also have to create start-ups that will change the lives of crores of people of the country.

So this degree, this medal which is in your hand, it is an aspiration letter of millions of hopes, which you have to fulfill.”

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