PM Narendra Modi leads India’s drives to fulfil global energy demand


Global population expanding everyday and with increasing prosperity, the need for energy consumption is growing faster than ever. A surge in demand has been registered from almost all natural resources, be it oil, natural gas, coal, bioenergy or other renewables.

Increasing standards of living for many people in developing countries will place even more demand on energy resources. Moreover, advances in technology are increasing the availability of products which once again require energy.

At such a time, India is being looked upon as an attractive investment destination in regards to the energy sector and as a key driver of global collaboration on the strengthening of energy infrastructure.

Prime Minister’s roadmap for Energy Sector

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned a clear roadmap for India’s energy justice, which rests on five key enablers – energy availability, accessibility to all, affordability to the poorest of the poor, energy efficiency, sustainability and security.

India’s energy plan is inclusive, market-based, and climate-sensitive. PM Modi even mentioned seven key drivers of India’s energy strategy at the India Energy Forum last month.

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