Pollution season: Delhi Pollution Control Committee to focus on ‘bad fuel’

As Delhi’s air quality is expected to deteriorate from next month, Delhi Pollution Control Committee will be cracking down on use of non-cleaner fuels in the industries, burning of tyres, DG sets with no emission control device and flouting guidelines of C&D waste. DPCC will focus on these four areas in addition to their winter plan to minimise air pollution.

According to DPCC officials, a special drive will begin from mid-October to act against industries using non-cleaner fuels and causing emissions. Over 1,600 industrial units switched to PNG after pipelines were placed in their industrial area. “However, industrial areas that do not have pipelines are required to use other forms of cleaner fuels. We will act against those units that are found using non-cleaner fuels,” said an official.

Some people in unorganised sectors burn tyres to extract oil, which causes air pollution. DPCC will be cracking down against people indulging in such illegal activities.

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