Power discoms in national capital seek progressive tariff rationalisation

Power discoms in Delhi have proposed to regulator DERC that there should be a cost reflective, progressive tariff rationalisation as their combined standalone revenue gap in 2019-20 is nearing ₹3000 crore.

BRPL, BYPL, and TPDDL have filed their separate petitions for truing-up up to 2019-20 and aggregate revenue requirement (ARR) and tariff for 2021-22, ahead of tariff rationalisation by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) this year.

The Commission has sought comments and suggestions from consumers and other stakeholders on the petitions by March 26.

The Commission may hold a public hearing later on and will issue its tariff order considering views of all stakeholders, a DERC public notice said.

The petitions of three discoms show that their standalone revenue gap for 2019-20 has been computed to be around ₹2968 crore including ₹1565 crore of BRPL, ₹609 crore of BYPL and ₹794 crore of TPDDL.

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