Power Minister RK Singh Says ‘No Impact On Electrical Grid During 9-mins Lights-out Event’

Shortly after the country lit up at 9 pm on Sunday as a mark of solidarity towards the nation’s fight against COVID-19, Power Minister RK Singh cleared that throughout the nine minutes, there was no impact on the electricity grid functioning. He said that the lights-out event went smoothly as appealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Citizens across the country joined hands as a symbol of peace to express the nation’s unity as it combats the deadly Coronavirus epidemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also lit a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 pm on Sunday, to challenge the darkness caused by the novel coronavirus.

PM Modi’s appeal to India 

On April 3, PM Modi shared a video message with the people of India. He urged everyone to switch off the lights at 9 pm on April 5 and light a lamp, candle or flashlights for 9 minutes to showcase unity in the fight against the novel coronavirus. However, the PM cautioned against congregating for this purpose. Currently, there are 3577 confirmed novel coronavirus cases in India out of which 275 people have recovered while 83 individuals have lost their lives.

PM Modi had remarked, “We have to end the darkness and uncertainly that has arisen due to the coronavirus crisis and proceed towards light and certainty. In order to defeat the darkness of the coronavirus crisis, we must spread the power of light in all 4 directions. So, all of us must challenge the darkness of the coronavirus crisis on this Sunday, April 5.

We must introduce it to the power of light. I want 9 minutes of your time on April 5 at 9 pm. On April 5 at 9 pm, close the lights of your home and light candle, diya, torch or mobile’s flashlight on the doorsteps of your home or in the balcony for 9 minutes.”

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