Power output, profit at record high for West Bengal Power Development Corp

The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd (WBPDCL) has generated 23,874.2 mega units (MU) in 2020-21, the highest since inception, and registered a record profit of Rs 252 crore in the same period despite the pandemic and lockdown.

Its Bakreswar and Santaldih plants were ranked third and eighth respectively by Central Electricity Agency.

The jump in profit was achieved by checking inefficiencies such as reducing oil consumption, unit tripping and tube leakage, and cutting down on demurrage payable for delay in coal handling. The reduction in oil consumption saved Rs 90 crore.

The demurrage reduced significantly to Rs 3.5 crore in 2020-21 against Rs 25 crore in 2019-20. WBPDCL also achieved the best ever auxiliary power consumption (APC) of 8.5%, making it yield an additional revenue of Rs 54 crore.

More than 100% ash utilisation has been achieved at Santaldih, Kolaghat and Bandel power stations during the financial year.

“We have been able to drastically reduce boiler tube leakages and unit tripping, thereby saving Rs 23 crore and Rs 37 crore respectively,” said WBPDCL CMD P B Salim.

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