RailRestro to restart business with online food delivery for trains

Indian Railways recently allowed the e-catering services to resume for trains. Authorised by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the food aggregator platform RailRestro is all set to restart their business by delivering food on-seat restaurant food on trains across the country. The food can be ordered using their website, app, or toll-free number.

“As people had stopped ordering outside food during the lockdown, we anticipated not many people would be interested in ordering food. But in the last few days that we have seen a three-fold rise in traffic to our website,” said Manish Chandra, Co-founder, RailRestro. He further stated that they are looking out for more vendor and restaurant tie-ups, and adding more stations and stops.

“All our partner restaurants have been sent safety guidelines to prepare hygienic food and ensure zero-contact food deliveries to ensure the safety of passengers on the train. We look forward to serving the passengers by adhering to all COVID guidelines issued by the government,” he concluded.

All passengers need to do enter their PNR details on their platform at least 45 minutes prior to ordering food, so the company can track train timings, routes, and halts and alert their vendors for hot and fresh meals.

Thirty-year-old Patna-based entrepreneur Manish Chandra co-founded RailRestro in 2015, which went on to serve over 60 lakh meals up until March 2020. Ranging from pizza, biryani, and even cakes, passengers have ample options to choose from. Due to no work for almost a year due to the lockdown, RailRestro is back in business even though half the trains are not even fully operational.

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