Railway ministry needs to be more ‘realistic’, says CAG on demand for supplementary grants

The Ministry of Railways needs to be more “realistic” in its estimation of demand for supplementary grants, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) said in a report tabled in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

According to the Financial Audit of the Accounts of Union Government for the financial year ending in March 2020, the Railway Ministry was provisioned Rs 5,00,140.23 crore.

“Ministry of Railways had obtained supplementary grants of Rs 817.51 crore… in anticipation of higher expenditure at grant level. However, the final expenditure was even less than the original provisions.

“This indicates the need for a more realistic estimation of supplementary requirements after considering up-to-date expenditure and requirements at grant level,” the report read.

It also stated that the unsanctioned expenditure of the ministry was recorded at Rs 4,999.87 crore and no steps have been taken to improve the situation.

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