Railways reaffirms need to transport cars via trains as it pursues net zero carbon emission

In case you missed it, the Indian Railways has been trying to become self-sufficient for its energy requirements and has also decided to set up a ‘Net Zero’ carbon emission mass transportation network by 2030. Now, under the purview of this endeavour, the Central Railway is teaming up with automakers such as Mahindra and Mahindra to help transport cars across India. This endeavour, in turn, is not only enabling savings of a huge amount of fuel but also allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint. To this end, the Central Railway has set up Business Development Units (BDU) that will serve to help enhance railways’ share in the goods and parcel sector. In fact, they have already managed to gather valuable data about both inward and outward material in accordance to both different industries and sectors.

Central Railway further added that it has engaged in discussions with Mahindra, which have culminated in increased loading of automobiles. The rest, i.e. first and last mile connectivity for delivering these vehicles,

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