Railways start work on upgrading tracks to cater to high speed trains

Following the development model of Indian railways to increase the speed of all long distance passengers trains by 25km per hour before 2020, Northern Railway has begun the work of upgrading the railway tracks at the city railway station here.

Under this development project, the engineering department of the railways has already laid down new tracks on cemented platforms to ensure safety of fast moving trains during the peak hours of rush. The development project will prove a boon for all long distance trains which are linked up with advanced LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches as these coaches have higher carrying capacity and speed potential and better safety feature. The authorities are also working in the direction of upgrading the technologies of signal and traffic department for smooth function of all trains with high speed.

In addition to this high speed project, northern railway authorities have started constructing a wall along the railway tracks in the Dhandari-Sahnewal section as they have to plug

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