Railways which began in the subcontinent about 180 years ago brought India and Bangladesh closer

What has brought India and Bangladesh closer is something that began in the subcontinent about 180 years ago- the Railways. First, it was handing over ten locomotives by the Indian Railways to Bangladesh. There were some snide remarks that they were 5-7 years old, but India has been quite transparent. This was from India’s available rolling stock. This was being used in India. And this was the best India could do immediately.

And after that India handed over Tata trucks to Bangladesh, carried to the border by train. Now, trains will be the magic bullet when it comes to the transportation of goods. It’s faster, cheaper and clearly, more efficient.

What it has done is push into the background an ugly whisper campaign about the growing rift between the two countries, courtesy Dhaka’s growing economic linkages with Beijing.

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