Rajasthan: Wind power firms to lose government land for not starting projects

The wind power developers who had taken government land and have not been able to execute the projects are set to lose their land. Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd (RRECL) has written a letter to the revenue department to expedite the process for cancellation of the land.

In the letter, RRECL said that more than 3000 bigha has beenallotted to about 20 companies which has not developed projects. “The revenueland allotted to the projects in these cases was either not utilized bydevelopers within the permissible period of excess land surrendered bydevelopers had been recommended by RREC for cancellation as per Rajasthan LandRevenue (Allotment of Land for setting up of Power plant based on RenewableEnergy Sources), 2007,” said the letter.

When TOI contacted RRECL chairman and managing director SubodhAgarwal, he said, “The state government has set a 30,000 MW target in the solarenergy policy. We require land for these projects. If the developers havefailed to execute projects, the land should be returned to the government andit can be used for other projects.”

Even though the renewable power journey of Rajasthan startedwith wind in 1999 having 2 MW, focus has now shifted to solar energy due tocheaper rates developers offer.

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