Reduce Metro Rail fares: CPI(M)

CPI(M) Greater Hyderabad Central City Committee, through a press conference on Monday, has demanded that the government take the initiative to reduce fares by half in Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Alleging that the State and Central governments have colluded with the concessionaire to allow double the charges originally agreed upon, the party’s city secretary M. Srinivas said it is resulting in unbearable burden on common man.

As per original agreement, the charges should range between a minimum of ₹ 8 and a maximum of ₹19, which may be increased by 5% year on year, Mr. Srinivas said, and questioned how the price has been revised to ₹10 to ₹60.

These charges are “scandalous”, especially in view of the viability gap funding of ₹1,458 crore availed by the HMRL, in addition to several tracts of land for real estate. The concessionaire has failed to stick to the deadlines of project completion, and to provide facilities such as parking, he alleged.

“The viability gap funding was extended by the Centre with a view to help the concessionaire against the prices fixed in the original agreement. The prices have been revised notwithstanding the funding.

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