Revitalising India-Russia ties – Putting the Modi-Putin meeting in perspective

The drawdown of US presence in Afghanistan and the rise of aggressive China will make the South Asian region more conflict-prone. Though India is now slightly tilted towards the US, yet its relations with Russia remain steady. Further, India’s economic interests are complementary to Russian requirements in the region.

And in the above background, the Russian President and the Indian Prime Minister meeting with each other the 20th time this week displaying the steadfastness of the relationship between the two countries which has the potential to shape the future of the region.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin would meet on December 6 in Delhi. It is important to note that Russia displayed its proximity to India, when the Russian President participated in the UN Security Council conference on maritime security chaired by PM Modi.

To achieve the goal of a 5-trillion economy over the next few years, India’s energy and mineral resource requirements are set to increase manifold. Russia needs labour resources, capital, technology, innovation, space and market whereas India focuses on energy security, mineral resources and farming land through bilateral relations.

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