Saudi Arabia’s investments in India on track despite economic downturn, says Ambassador Saud bin Mohammed Al Sati

What measures has Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) adopted to counter the virus? Has KSA, like Kuwait and UAE requested Indian medical teams to help manage the situation, and also treat Indians who may be affected?

There are a large number of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, which includes around three million Indians. As per King Salman’s Royal decree, the Kingdom is providing coronavirus related medical care free of charge to all residents in the country, including those who are staying illegally in the Kingdom.

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As for the Indian medical professionals, some of them were on leave when the COVID pandemic hit. We have been working closely with the government of India to ensure that they are able to return to Saudi Arabia. There is also the continuation of medical exports from India to the Saudi market.

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports has also decided to extend the validity of exit and return visas that expire between February 25 and May 24, 2020, at no charge. The extension will continue for an additional three months for them.

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