Say bye to queues! How to use Indian Railways’ UTS app to book local train tickets

If you are living in a city with a network of local trains, there is no need to stand in long queues. The Indian Railways has introduced the UTS app, allowing people to book tickets for suburban local trains in Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi. The passengers could book train tickets online and will not have to stand in queues. UTS or Unreserved Ticketing System allows the passengers to purchase the seats that don’t require a reservation in the local trains.

The app allows passengers to purchase the unreserved ticket 3 days in advance for a journey of 200 km or above. They can also purchase unreserved tickets which involve the journey of any distance on the same day.

What tickets can you purchase from UTS app?
The app allows you to purchase two types of tickets. The paperless tickets can be bought and there is no need to print them. Passengers can travel with the hard copy of the same which can be presented during checking.

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