‘Services didn’t even stop during war’: Indian Railways urges people to take Covid-19 lockdown seriously

Indian Railways, in a tweet, on Tuesday urged the citizens to take the coronavirus lockdown seriously and said that the rail services had not stopped even during the war.

“Indian Railways never stopped even during the war. Please understand the seriousness of the circumstances. Stay at home,” the tweet read.

A day after the Janta Curfew, which was observed across the country on March 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that few people are still not taking the Covid-19 lockdown seriously.

“Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself by doing this, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I request the state governments to get the rules and laws followed,” the prime minister said in a tweet on Monday.

Sunday’s Junta Curfew was a huge success that transformed some of the busiest roads and highways across the country into deserted expanse of concrete. However, on Monday some people didn’t seem to be following the lockdown orders in many parts of the country.

30 states and union territories have announced complete lockdown in their entire areas covering as many as 548 districts, the government said on Monday. Apart from the 30 states or UTs facing complete lockdown, three states or UTs have imposed partial lockdown in certain areas.

Maharashtra and Punjab declared statewide curfews as the number of cases of Covid-19, which has killed at least 16,000 around the world, rose to 471 in India.

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