Shell out more for train tickets! Indian Railways may charge station user fee up to Rs 35 in ticket fares

Indian Railways passengers, get ready to shell out more money for ticket fares! To avail state-of-the-art amenities of redeveloped stations as well as to help the national transporter in raising funds for redeveloping more railway stations across the country, railway passengers may have to pay a user fee of Rs 10 to Rs 35.

According to sources quoted in a PTI report, this is part of a proposal that is being finalized by Indian Railways, which will soon be sent to the Cabinet for approval. It is being said that the user fee will vary according to the class of travel. Thus, the user fee would range between an amount of Rs 10 and Rs 35 with a higher price for railway passengers of AC first class.

Earlier, it was clarified by Indian Railways that user fees would be levied only across redeveloped railway stations and stations that have high footfalls. Of the 7,000 stations in India, nearly 700 to 1,000 railway stations fall in this category.

This will be the first time in the history of Indian Railways that such a user fee will be charged from passengers. The User Development Fee (UDF) is charged from flyers at various airports and the fee varies from city to city.

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