Sniffer dogs with cameras! Meet Indian Railways’ unique ‘security personnel’ at the Visakhapatnam station

The sniffer dog handlers, who stay with the canines, can watch the real time visuals on their mobile phones through the WIFI network, in order to access the security threat if any, on the spot itself.

Meet these unique ‘security personnel’ at Indian Railways Visakhapatnam station, who will add to passengers’ security arrangements with their new gear! At the Visakhapatnam railway station of the East Coast Railway (ECoR) zone, GoPro cameras have been recently mounted on sniffer dogs as a new feature for added security arrangements.

sThis means that passengers’ safety will increase as any threats will be identified on the spot. With this, the sniffer dogs, who belong to the Railway Protection Force (RPF) dog squad, will play an extremely crucial role in strengthening the surveillance mechanism with the help of the live footage captured through the GoPro cameras.

An East Coast Railway official told Financial Express Online that this step has been taken as a part of the modernization process of the RPF dog squad at the railway station.

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According to the East Coast Railway zone, as part of the modernization of the dog squad, four GoPro cameras were recently launched by the ECoR zone at the Waltair Division for mounting on four sniffer dogs.

Out of the four dogs, the training of two canines is also coming underway. This initiative of mounting high-definition cameras on RPF dogs has been done for the very first time across the Indian Railways network.

With these futuristic technological gears, the sniffer dogs will also play an indispensable role in improving the surveillance system, along with the police personnel and the CCTV cameras.

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  1. What is the state of Railway Security in India ? Take the case of KRC Margao

    It is better to use sniffer dogs,than the RPF or CCTV cameras.dindooohindoo

    The Disasters of Train Derailment in Goa Fenee land

    • Vasco Train Derailment

    o http://indianexpress.com/article/india/vasco-da-gama-patna-express-train-accident-live-updates-derailment-uttar-pradesh-banda-injured-death-toll-4951979/

    • KRC train derailment

    o http://indianexpress.com/photos/picture-gallery-others/passenger-train-derails-on-konkan-route-10-feared-dead/

    Then there is the Bomb Threat at KRC Margao

    o https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/bomb-threat-at-goa-s-margao-railway-station-114120301011_1.html

    Then there is the pandoos of RPF collecting haftas from pimps,hookers,thieves and smugglers,who spend their time in the station and platform

    RPF pandoos are busy checking for hooch and fenee in the station ! Not Bombs ! This was stated by the AG !


    How will pandoos check for IEDs and RDX.There is no X-Ray machine

    They have a baggage room on the KRC platform at exit,where anyone can plant a bomb in his bags,and disappear,and it will explode after a few days or a few minutes !
    And there are no baggage records ! After the blast – no one will know which bag blew up (forensically) !

    One of the greatest achievement of the pandoo police of Goa is a crooked pandoo Duttagaru Sawant who caught 488 smuggled HELMETS,worth Rs 1.9 lacs !


    He then demanded 3 free helmets – which were refused and then he arrested the 2 smugglers !



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