Solar rooftop: Only Discoms are authorised to implement the scheme, clarifies MNRE

New and Renewable Energy Ministry on Friday clarified that only State’s Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMS) are authorised to implement rooftop solar scheme and empanel vendors.

“The Ministry has not authorised any vendor to install a solar panel,” It said in a statement. Further, it explained that the State’s Power Distribution Companies issue tenders and based on that, vendors are empanelled. Accordingly, the rate is also fixed. 3rd phase of Rooftop Solar Panel Scheme is underway where Centre gives grant up to 40 per cent of the cost for a capacity of 3kW. The subsidy amount will be 20 per cent grant for capacity between 3 kW to 10 kW.

Almost all DISCOMS have published an online process for the scheme. An interested consumer can apply and get a solar panel by empanelled vendors. Consumers will pay the balance after deducting the grant, and the whole process is explained on the portal of concerned DISCOM. Ministry then transfers the grant to DISCOM. A consumer needs to take service of empanelled vendors only to avail the benefit of assistance.

This clarification has come after the Ministry received a complaint about higher charges being collected. It has advised Consumer needs to pay based on rates prescribed by DISCOM.

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