Tamil Nadu: Oil leak from ONGC pipeline damages agricultural land, crops in Tiruvarur

Oil spill from the underground pipeline of ONGC carrying natural oil has damaged a fertile land cultivated with black gram crop in Tiruvarur district on Friday. Due to the oil leakage, a portion of the land is inundated with the crude oil.

Sources said that Panneerselvam hailing from Moolangudi village near Tiruvarur had cultivated black gram crop in his land. Beneath Panneerselvam’s cultivation field, ONGC had installed pipeline to carry the crude oil extracted from ONGC’s oil wells in Kamalapuram locality to one Early Production System (EPS) near Moolangudi, where the crude oil will be collected for further processing.

Meanwhile, on Friday, a leakage in the underground oil pipeline was reported in Panneerselvam’s field as crude oil leaking appeared on the surface of the land. The aggrieved farmer, who had lost his crop, maintained that the revival process will take years to restore his field damaged due to the oil spill, has sought for compensation.

The ONGC Cauvery asset officials were subsequently alerted about the oil spill. “A team of officials inspected the field and immediately plugged the oil leakage. Appropriate compensation will be provided to the farmer for the oil spill,” an official source with ONGC said.

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