Tatkal tickets bonanza: Book IRCTC tatkal tickets easily now; top facts to know

Tatkal ticket availability: Big bonanza from Indian Railways! Recently, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) weeded out various illegal software systems and arrested several agents who used them to block such train tickets. According to RPF officials, illegal software systems such as ‘Jaguar’, ‘MAC’, and ‘ANMS’ would bypass the log in captcha of IRCTC, booking captcha as well as bank OTP to generate tickets. While a genuine user has to go through all these processes while booking a ticket. For a general user, the booking process usually takes around 2.55 minutes. On the other hand, for those using these illegal software systems could do the booking in just around 1.48 minutes. With the busting of these software, the time duration for which tatkal tickets are available will go up and Indian Railways passengers will have a better chance to get tickets.

Tatkal ticket availability gets a boost: Top things to know

  • The drive against agents was conducted on 11 February 2020 and 12 February 2020. In this drive, a total of 319 agents were arrested as well as 317 agent ids were identified by the RPF for blacklisting. Future tickets worth Rs 37.86 lakh were blocked and used tickets worth Rs 1.19 crore were recovered by the RPF.
  • As on date, illegal ANMS and MAC software have stopped working with effect from 23 January and 8 February respectively. Also, RPF shut down I-Ball and Red Bull as well as the new software systems that are capturing the market, such as N-GET, Jaguar, Cycle, Star V2.
  • The RPF is closely working with CRIS and IRCTC. New security features are continuously being updated by CRIS, which is the IT arm of Indian Railways, disrupting the function of the illegal software.
  • As on date, all the illegal software systems are facing disruption. Some fraudsters are selling fake software online, but it has been reported that they do not work.
  • Some auto-fill forms like Google Chrome extension are being used, however, they do not bypass OTP or auto-read captcha.
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