Telangana: SCR gets 13 energy neutral railway stations

South Central Railway (SCR) has converted 13 railway stations into energy neutral railway stations. These stations will meet its electricity requirements through solar energy.

“These stations are capable of meeting 100% energy requirements by tapping natural solar power through Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Panels commissioned on the station buildings,” read an official statement issued by SCR.

With anticipated energy generation from these stations to be around 1.3 lakh units annually, it is expected that the usage of solar power will lead to savings of Rs 13 lakh each year for SCR.

“The generation of clean solar energy enables reducing carbon foot prints to the tune of 1,170 tons per annum,” read a statement by SCR. Lights, fans,pumps and other electrical appliances will be powered by the solar energy generated, thereby bringing down the net traditional energy consumption.

Ghatkesar, Dharur, Raghunathpalli, Mellacheruvu, Ontimitta, Kadiyam and Dwarapudi are among 13 stations that will now use solar power.

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