Ten features of RAIL-BOT developed by Indian Railways to assist hospital staff in COVID-19 patient care

South Central Railway (SCR) Zone of the Indian Railways has developed a robotic device, RAIL-BOT or R-BOT in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to assist in hospital management functions towards patient care. The RAIL-BOT has been developed by Additional Division Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division, SCR Hem Singh Banoth and his team. It has been deployed for use in Central Railway Hospital, Lallaguda in Secunderabad.

Here are some features of the innovation:

  • The RAIL-BOT enables two-way audio and video communication with recordings to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers.
  • To prevent doctors and healthcare providers including nurses and hospital staff from the risk of contracting coronavirus infection, the RAIL-BOT is being used to provide medicine, medical accessories and to serve food to the patients without any physical contact.
  • The RAIL-BOT is operated through a mobile application using Wi-Fi and a radio-frequency remote controller.
  • It uses infrared technology with emergency night lamp for night vision, allowing it to communicate in complete darkness as well.
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