The Discom Perspective on a Viable EV Network

It is no secret that an EV charging network goes hand in hand with the spread of EV’s in every market. In fact, some will argue that it usually precedes a big jump in EV adoption, as a visible, efficient charging network can really work wonders to nudge people to shift. India is no different, with both the government and EV manufacturers pushing hard to build and find ways to establish a credible network for potential users.

While the government has pushed energy majors like oil marketing firms and discoms themselves to establish EV charging stations, other private firms have pushed for options ranging from proprietary networks for their users to battery swapping stations.

Policies at the state level have also been a work in progress, with power prices at EV charging stations ranging between Rs 4 to Rs 7 for now. The only saving grace being that governments seem to be pricing these below peak commercial and industrial rates in these states.

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